Buddha Stones FengShui PiXiu Rainbow Obsidian Healing Bracelet
Buddha Stones FengShui PiXiu Rainbow Obsidian Healing Bracelet
Buddha Stones FengShui PiXiu Rainbow Obsidian Healing Bracelet
Buddha Stones FengShui PiXiu Rainbow Obsidian Healing Bracelet
Buddha Stones FengShui PiXiu Rainbow Obsidian Healing Bracelet
Buddha Stones FengShui PiXiu Rainbow Obsidian Healing Bracelet

Buddha Stones FengShui PiXiu Rainbow Obsidian Healing Bracelet

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The Buddha Stones FengShui PiXiu Rainbow Obsidian Healing Bracelet is a beautiful unisex accessory made of high-quality materials. The bracelet is mainly composed of Rainbow Obsidian, a grounding stone that promotes inner peace, self-belief, and self-worth, and PiXiu, a Chinese talisman that attracts wealth, fortune, and good luck while warding off evil spirits. The beads come in different sizes and are manually measured, with slight deviations expected. The unique color of the Rainbow Obsidian is caused by inclusions of magnetite nanoparticles and can vary from the picture shown due to natural irregularities.

Product Description

Rainbow Obsidian

♥ Love ♥ Positive transformation ♥ Bright ♥ Inner peace and healing ♥

Obsidian is said to be able to alleviate depression, stress, despair, mood swings, and paralyzing fears. If you want a more gentle approach to the purification process, then perhaps Rainbow Obsidian would be a better option. It offers similar protection levels but its energy isn’t quite as intense. A softer stone for those suffering from despair, Rainbow Obsidian stimulates a sense of self-belief and self-worth, even when you’re at rock bottom.

Rainbow Obsidian makes up the majority of this beautiful bracelet. It’s a grounding stone, anchoring you to the present moment and empowering you to feel the energy of each passing second. Known to protect the sensitive, Rainbow Obsidian promotes love, joy, and peace for all.


♥ Wealth ♥ Luck ♥ Keep away evil spirits ♥ 

Pi Xiu is also known as Pi Yao. This is a powerful Chinese talisman to bring riches into the home or workplace.
Perhaps even more important is the notion that this creature will not permit wealth to leave the home or workplace.
Pi Xiu is especially popular among business people, investors and gamblers in Asia. It is regarded as a dominant attractor of money.
The Pixiu provides a minimum of six blessings as follows:Conducts good luck and fortune, Generate good Feng Shui or earth luck, Enhances wealth and riches, Protects individuals and building, Protects against evil forces, obstacles, and hardship, Brings unexpected windfall luck, One of the popular ways to retain a Pixiu is to wear it on a bracelet.


  • Item Type: Bracelet
  • Bead Size: 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 14mm, 16mm, 18mm
  • Perimeter: 19cm
  • Gender: Unisex
  • Material: Rainbow Obsidian, PiXiu
  • Note: Caused by inclusions of magnetite nanoparticles caused mainly by trace elements or inclusion, rainbow obsidian yields unique blue, green, purple, or bronze colors, etc.
    Due to the nature of the rainbow obsidian, appears deep black in the absence of light. Until held under a bright light, then it has an iridescent, rainbow-like sheen!
  • Note:
    1.Products are made of natural materials, please take off the product when you are ready to sleep or wash.
    2.The above data is manual measurement, there is a slight deviation, please understand!
    3.The materials used in all our products are naturally environmentally friendly.
    4. These products are HANDMADE and NATURAL, therefore they may present some irregularities and due to lightning effects, the colour may slightly vary from the one shown in the picture.

Charities & Giving Back

You are helping us heal Tibet. For every product sold, Buddha Stones will donate part of the proceeds from every product sold to Tibetan charity projects to help poor children in Tibet obtain a good education. We hope to hire teachers to teach in these areas and build classrooms so that these children can learn in peace.


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Customer Reviews


Beautiful bracelet . Well made They are just so pretty and adding so much positivity in my life

Ilona T.

I recently bought the Lotus mala a few days ago and I must say, I am truly impressed and very satisfied with the mala. It comes in a simple box with a pouch. I have been using it for my spiritual practices recently and have noticed some subtle changes in my practice, having energised the mala in a certain way. Convinced by it's authenticity, I am likely to buy another specific mala soon.

Buddha Stones customer service has exceeded my expectations and am very impressed by the level of service!

Goutham N.

Absolutely beautiful!! 108 Mala Beads Gold Sheen Obsidian Tiger Eye Eagle's Eye Stone Wealth Bracelet. Shipped fast and was exactly what I’ve been looking for :-)

Christopher E.

I wear this everyday. I had gotten many compliments for it. I had bought it because of my husband's passing. It had helped me to ward off negative energy and calmed my anger.


These are so beautiful I almost cried. The size of the beads is perfect. The the texture, the matte feel, helps keep me present while I'm touching them. I have been struggling mentally and these beads are perfect to help me meditate and find peace.

Earnest P.

I was overwhelmed with this bracelet !! Beautiful, colorful and with meaning . Keep on with the good work.

Maria S.

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